eBakus Protocol

Ebakus is a blockchain solution with smart contract support that enables dApps to reach mass adoption. It leverages dPoS consensus that enables it to scale while retaining low latency (23800 TPS, 1 sec blocks). Ebakus had issues with their community engagement strategy that was growing at a slower rate. TokenMinds provided organic growth assistance, developed consistent content strategy and helped the client with boosting visibility through PR. We've also helped Ebakus secure funding from NGC Capital.









Google Analytics

Community Outreach

Community Management

Using analytics and insights, we optimised every area of the business from website SEO and keywords targeting to landing page performance, and conversion. With this  Ebakus increased their website visits traffic organically by over 100%.

Reviewed target audience and developed posting scheduled based on times optimised for maximum engagement. Through this, Ebakus reached a much larger audience and saw the number of users across various channels increase by an average of 3,500 members per week.

Assigned 24/7 community support for Telegram/Discord community and moderated discussions to ensure healthy conversations. We also streamlined and increased content output, reshaping the community discussions for the benefit of Ebakus.

Content Strategy

Social Media Boosting

Bounty Program

Developed blockchain content strategy and visual aesthetic that would ensure consistency in both personality and value. We applied this strategy holistically across all platforms for consistent branding. Now the content we crafted is gaining over 10, 000 impressions every month.

Increased the number of followers on Twitter  by over 150% and boosted engagement rate by 80%. This was made possible thanks to holistic social media engagement tactics  that involve the community  and increases their advocacy for Ebakus brand.

Organised and successfully ran bounty/airdrop programs for Ebakus to solicit large scale community backing.  The bounty campaigns saw Ebakus generate lots of website traffic and achieve a conversion rate of 6%.

BirdChain APP

Birdchain is an incentivized App built for the sharing economy era. The platform encompasses key features: a unique, world-first, decentralized A2P SMS service and an easy-to-use, high engagement, marketing & content platform. These features are designed to serve all brand sizes - large and small.  

TokenMinds helped Birdchain with brand strategy, creating a consistent brand message and increasing awareness through mainstream media, forums, social media, and online crypto communities.









Creative Contents

Social Media Boosting

PR Publication 

Created compelling content in form of articles, infographics and videos to help BirdChain educate and engage its users and prospects within the blockchain space. The content we created helped BirdChain improve user engagement by 300% and continue to educate its customers even today.

Working closely with BirdChain team, we launched a series of stunning display and social media ads with user-centered messaging that saw impressive results (315% increase in followers). Beyond the numbers, we also helped BirdChain increase engagement on all cryptocurrency forums.

Positioned the team as thought leaders in the blockchain space by creating and publishing company stories on top-tier media platforms like BitcoinGarden, CoinIdol, Altcoin, CoinSpeaker, etc. With this PR, BirdChain saw remarkable increase in keyword rankings, website traffic and ICO success..


IOTW is a Big Data unifying system built on a native blockchain using Proof of Assignment (PoA) protocol. It makes accessing data from a cross-section of IoT devices and applications simple and efficient. 

TokenMinds collaborated with the IOTW team from the beginning, helping the client create and build a brand that IOTW could profoundly take to the market. Our approach also drove users to their website generating leads and boosting conversions by 400%.




1 MM





Brand Building

Community Building

Community Management

TokenMinds planned, strategised and built a strong and visible brand presence in the blockchain industry. Our business strategy helped optimise IOTW branding efforts allowing the company to connect effectively with investors and users.

Our team identified key forums that have the highest number of IOTW target audience  such as BitcoinTalk, Reddit etc. We developed a solid strategy to build and grow strong backing for the the project within these communities. 

Our dedicated community managers worked tirelessly to moderate and enhance audience interaction. We created enthusiasm, reshaped conversations and built strong relationships with community members.

Content Strategy

PR Publication

Bounty Program

Our content team produced beefy copydeck for various web pages as well as articles and social media posts, all of which spoke compellingly to user pain points and eptomised IOTW's .  In the end, 70,000+ words were written in a matter of months.

Using our extensive network of global PR agencies and journalists, we created and distributed in a timely manner IOTW editorial stories to targeted blockchain websites like NewsBTC, BitcoinGarden, Coinidol, CoinSpeaker etc. 

Created and  successfully ran a series of IOTW bounty campaigns, including whitelists,  KYC  and tokens distribution. In order to run several campaigns  across multiple platforms, proper timing and dedication were needed, and we delivered.

Historia Network

Historia Network is an open-source, an immutable database for recording accurate accounts of current and future events in an uneditable manner to prevent censorship and third-party interference. The platform is designed to serve as a refreshingly honest and impartial information source, 

TokenMinds helped Historia Network identify an interest-based audience and build compelling creative by demonstrating use cases of their product and establish relationships with this userbase. 









Keywords Targeting

Community Outreach

Community Management

Using a keyword targeting and monitoring tools, we identified key audiences and optimised our efforts to drive site visits and engagement. Within a few weeks, Historia Netwok saw more than 15,000 new site engagements  and over 10% conversion rate.

Our community outreach strategy focused on targeting and engaging users in key forums that had large audiences interested in Historia's industry. The campaigns we crafted motivated members to engage and convert (184% increase in CTR).

Increased community engagement creating and curating content that educates and engages these communities. We not only shaped discussions on these forums, we created polls and ran marketing campaigns to attract more followers.

Content Creation

Social Media Marketing

Youtuber Influencers

Created and strategically published articles a number of articles  about the project with a range of focus on blockchain and recent history. Which our team later re- purposed for other channels to promote and build awareness around Historia Network. 

Launched a series of social media ads with product-specific user-oriented messaging that saw impressive results.  

Our approach resulted in big ROI gains for client and new user registration for mining opportunities increased by 618%.

Our digital marketing experts deployed high-impact social media campaigns using the power of social platforms and influencer networks. The videos we created generated interest and buzz around the project among blockchain enthusiasts and investors. 

LOL Token

LOLTOKENS are based on the Ethereum blockchain Technology and is the Core Asset of the Ed-Tech Industry. LOLTOKENS can now be utilised on PEDAGOG – A BLOCKCHAIN BASED GAMIFIED LEARNING & TUTORING PLATFORM & MOOC++ providing learning facilities & digital education to the masses at the most affordable prices. Registrations and memberships will be starting soon for Universities & individual content providers & Tutors. LOL ecosystem will empower everyone to gain world class education using blockchain technology with their immense experience & launch of MOOC++.




3 MM





PR Distribution

Social Media Strategy

Community Management

TokenMinds came up with the high quality PR contents as well as grahic design by experience content marketing team, to distribute to multiple crypto media, business media, forums, social media, and gained over 20 Millions traffics and brought LOL Token project over 1k investors for contributing the project funding goal.

To reach the targeted audience to boost the community and project exposure. TokenMinds used a mix of Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking strategies. We helped LOL Token with social media building, growth, content plan, which contributed to the project success.

By outreaching to people who interested in the project, we helped LOL Token with organic 8k member growth in 3 months which lead the IEO a success from the contribution from the community. With sticky users it helps and contributed the final sale.


TokenMinds is a leading ICO/IEO marketing, startup consulting and token sales agency focused exclusively on helping entrepreneurs secure capital and build cutting-edge blockchain solutions faster.

ICO/IEO Advisory

ICO/IEO Marketing

We offer advisory services tailored specifically to your project and provide continuous support throughout the entire ICO/IEO process. Our team also prepares your investor outreach strategy and assist with institutional investor relations.

TokenMinds offer one-stop services for IEO projects consisting of marketing, PR, investor relations, community management, branding and token sales. We want you to focus on building your product while we work for you to grow your community and generate a strong backing it needs.

Token Sales

Accurate Data

We are connected with a huge network of high net worth investors as well as crypto media outlets and influencers to get your message to the right people. We will promote your project directly to our extensive global network through private investor roadshows.

We provide better data tracking strategies so you can lower cost per lead and make the most of your community marketing campaigns. With precise ROI, conversion rate analysis and detailed reporting for your campaigns, we provide you a clear and transparent overview of the project progress. 

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