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Marketing within the cryptocurrency space requires teams to continuously stay abreast of the latest trends, cases, and techniques to determine how they can effectively distinguish themselves an increasingly crowded market. When it comes to IEOs, your marketing prowess will be the biggest determinant of whether you’ll meet your token sales target. Besides, it is important for companies to build and engage large communities around their project. A strong community will set the foundation for a successful launch. The more active and engaged your community is, the easier it will be to build the trust they need to invest in your ICO. Thus, instead of strategizing on getting listed on exchanges, companies should focus on building and engaging large communities around their projects.

Other important factors that contribute to IEO success include team, choice of exchange, industry, funding target and rating on ICO  rating sites. Projects with a stellar team, highly engaged community and a popular crypto exchange as a partner have high chances of achieving IEO success. Last but not least, the project should be in a field that is interesting and solves real problems which leverage blockchain technology.

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