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TokenMinds helped raise over $70 million through IEO in just one day. 

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Steps to Launching IEO

Project Evaluation;

As a first step we'll evaluate if your project is credible enough to be listed on the IEO platform. 


IEO Crowdsale:

Once the screening is done, your project will get listed on the IEO launchpad and you're ready to start selling tokens .


Exchange Listing:

After successful IEO crowdsale, your project will be automatically listed on the exchange so investors can begin trading. 


Crowdfunding using Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is a safer method of raising funds for startups in which a crypto exchange acts as counterparty and raises funds on your behalf.  

The exchange provides a platform where you can conduct your token sale. You can then sell your tokens to individual contributors in exchange for fiat or any other cryptocurrency. 

What is Initial Exchange Offering?

 Immediate liquidity since the exchange is offering to list your token.

 Built-in user base to market to and raise funds from.

 You don’t have to conduct investor verification yourself.

 Endorsement of the exchange gives investors confidence to purchase your tokens.

 The IEO platform manages all smart contract transactions on your behalf. 

Benefits of IEO:

Content marketing: Creating valuable and consistent content to engage with the community and investors of your project . 

Email marketing: Newsletters and targeted campaigns to increase trust among investors and achieve conversion.

Website development: Developing a high quality responsive and secure website to showcase the nature and benefits of your project.

Social media management: Generating brand awareness among investors and the crypto community with regular updates about your project.

Press releases: Developing compelling PR campaigns to generate hype and increase brand value.

Our IEO Marketing Services

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Some Of Our Achievements

Social Media growth by 2X

Telegram growth by 3.4X

Email list growth by 2.3X

PR outreach to 20MM users

CTR increased by 3.4%

CPL reduced t0 $1

Crypto ads network outreach to 20MM Users

CVR rate increased by 35%

Our Clients

Rob is a well-known ICO/IEO marketing expert with vast experience in sales, growth hacking and marketing. He has successfully managed Investor Relations for multiple companies, particularly in the blockchain space. A serial blockchain investor known for his strategic thinking and thoughtful leadership skills. Rob currently advises and mentors IEO/ICO projects.


ICO/IEO Marketing Manager (USA)

Meet the TokenMinds Team

Anchor is an expert in ICO/IEO strategy and marketing with a strong focus on ROI Optimization. He was previously an analyst at McKinsey, a global consulting firm. He specializes in maintaining client relations and works closely with TokenMinds clients to guide them through the entire ICO/IEO crowdfunding strategy from start to finish. 


ICO/IEO Marketing Manager (Asia)

Simonas is one for the main forces behind the marketing success of ICO/IEO project that organically raised 2500ETH. He is a crowdfunding expert and has helped creators bring their ideas to life through crowdfunding. 


ICO/IEO Marketing Manager (EU)

Our specialists

Expert legal advisor for ICO/IEO projects. Lawrence has worked side by side with high cap projects, helping with IEO/ICO legal compliance for more than four years. 


ICO/IEO Legal Expert

Formerly in the advertising/media industry, servicing Guinness and new business accounts (Pepsi, Cesar, Food Republic). Azmie brings excellent marketing experience to ICO and IEO marketing. 


iGaming Entrepreneurship

Spent 4 years as Head of Business Analytics at Rocket Internet helping ventures scale from product-market-fit to IPO. Built data infrastructures, teams and processes for 7 portfolio companies in 15 countries. Sebastian will be working side by side with our clients, providing ICO/IEO advisory and technology support. 


Startup and ICO/IEO Advisor

Daniel is a specialist in Artificial Intelligence and data related technology. He has been active in the local & international startup scene for a number of years. Daniel brings valuable AI and big data expertise to ICO/IEO projects.


AI Consultant  & Entrepreneur

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About Us

TokenMinds offer one-stop services for IEO projects consisting of marketing, PR, investor relations, community management, branding and fundraising. We want you to focus on building your product while we work for you to grow your community and generate a strong backing it needs.

We provide advisory services tailored specifically to your project as well as continuous support throughout the entire IEO process. We also prepare your investor outreach strategy and assist with institutional investment relations.

TokenMinds has partnerships with top five Crypto Exchanges, and as part of our collaborative efforts, we submit vetted projects for IEO to these exchanges. Our team also work side by side with the technical team of these exchanges to ensure successful listing of you tokens. 

TokenMinds is a reputable ICO/IEO  marketing, consulting and fundraising agency focused exclusively on helping entrepreneurs secure capital and build cutting-edge blockchain solutions faster. We have a strong team of technical and professional experts as well as a deep network of connections which we harness to promote and grow your IEO project.  Our initial exchange offering marketing services are designed to help your projects raise millions in fundraising and achieve successful IEO.


While the exchange helps you save on costs and also reduce the tasks on hand, they only provide basic marketing. This basic exposure includes social media blasts and newsletters. To ensure successful token sale through IEO, you need a proven marketing strategy that goes beyond the fundraising period. Not only will this help you to reach your goal quickly, but it will also save you from having to start from scratch post-listing. From project vetting to IEO marketing and crowdsale, TokenMinds can get you going in as little as a few days. 

IEO Marketing

IEO Advisory

IEO Listing & Crowdsale

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TokenMinds helped raise over $70 million through IEO in just one day. Let's get yours started.

Our IEO team has invaluable experience to market your IEO to investors and the larger crypto community

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