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Crypto Marketing Packages

Community Building

Influencer Package

PR Publications

$ 3,000

$ 3,500

$ 4,500

Community Management 24/7

3 Crypto Audience Online Events

5+  Publications on top crypto media

Promotion in blockchain platforms

10+ Post on crypto investor forums

180k+ Investor Community Promotion 

Social Media Contents Creation

Custom Blockchain Contents Preparation

50K+ crypto influencer Twitter accounts

Maintain Activeness in community

Events Organization from beginning to end

10+ IEO/ICO Listing website submissions

Twitter Growth Strategy

Daily Support & Weekly Reporting

Daily Support & Weekly Reporting

Daily Support & Weekly Reporting

* We also provide KR/JP/CN localized marketing, if you want to get more information please contact us directly.

Crypto Marketing Services

Crypto Consultation

To ensure optimal growth and reach for your project we help with any optimizations on how to make your project achieve the desired results.

Grow your community channels to the desired size, nurture members and harness this existing user base to optimize your crypto marketing campaigns

Obtain exposure for your project among top tier media outlets such as Coinspeaker, Zycrypto, NewsBTC, Cointelegrah, etc.

Influencer Promotion

TokenMinds has good connections with high level of Telegram and Twitter influencers. Via the influencer promotion we aim to increase the community power for your projects.

As the most effective way to promote your blockchain project. We will help you run the bounty campaign to create exposure, interest, and trust in your project.

We will set up and managing your ads campaigns on Twitter, Quora, Facebook, Coinzilla, etc to boost your exposure.

Trading Marketing

For projects with listed token/coins, we will help to attract participants from worldwide to purchase the tokens and boost the token trading volume.

To maintain the project and make it always in top of people's options, TokenMinds help with marketing strategy to make sure the project go smoothly and stay the awareness in the market.

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Some Of Our Achievements

Social Media growth by 3X

Social Media growth by 2X

Telegram growth by 3.4X

Email list growth by 2.3X

PR outreach to 20MM users

CTR increased by 3.4%

CPL reduced t0 $1

Website Visits growth by 5X

Telegram growth by 50X

Our Clients




Mary Ong

Director (Singapore)

Senior Consultant (Singapore)

Senior Consultant (Estonia)






Chief Blockchain Developer

Head of Blockchain Engineer

Graphic Design Specialist

Content Marketing Manager




Asset Tokenization Expert

Creative Content Writer

Community & Bounty Manager

Crypto Advertising Agency Services 

75% of searchers say paid ads make it easier for them to find information online

Show your audience what they want and attract new customers with a targeted crypto advertising strategy from a reputable crypto advertising agency

How to Promote Crypto Offers

4. Leverage influencers

Influencers carry immense value because they have the trust and respect of the crypto audience, which means they can recommend projects with success. The most popular crypto influencers are YouTube video influencers, though you can also find good value with influencers on Twitter and Telegram.

We always advise our clients to engage crypto influencers that charge based on post engagement. That’s because post engagement (in form of post share, likes, website visits, etc.) tends to provide a more accurate view of that influencer’s audience. 

What Crypto Marketing Services Does TokenMinds Offer?

Crypto Marketing campaigns are effective at driving web traffic. With the right messages, your project can convert visitors to investors and achieve fundraising goals.

You will get a satisfying ROI when you have a clear strategy to guide your Crypto Marketing Campaigns. Here’s how to create such a strategy:

1. Advertise crypto offers on search engines

With search advertising, you can promote your project or offers on search engine platforms, such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. While your crypto ads can appear in search results, they can also display across Google partner network websites (sites approved to display ads). 

2. Use display advertising for crypto offers

You can launch a display crypto advertising campaign with search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. However, Google is the preferred choice for many crypto projects because the Google display ads can also appear on YouTube.

The beauty of display crypto advertising is the ads are versatile enough to tailor specifically to your needs for targeted results. A well-rounded crypto advertising agency service may utilize multiple channels for various purposes, including: 

·  Crypto events - e.g. Consensus, Token Summit, Blockshow, Blockchain Conference

·  Bounty campaigns – Announced through forums, Telegram groups/channels)

·  Display advertising direct – e.g. CoinMarketCap, Etherscan, CryptoCompare, ICObench, Bitcointalk, etc. – the best for reaching cryptocurrency enthusiasts directly.

·  Paid PR - e.g. Cointelegraph, Coindesk, Cryptonews, etc.

3. Social media advertising for crypto offers

If you decide to use social media for promoting your crypto offers, try to use video or image ads, as these tend to perform better than text ads. Direct advertising of crypto projects on Facebook requires prior approval that you can get around this ban by hiring an authorized crypto advertising agency like TokenMinds to publish ads on your behalf. 

As for Twitter, you can use cost-per-follow (CPF) display advertising to attract more followers to your profile. Bitcointalk is a highly respected platform offering auctioned advertising space for projects. On Bitcointalk, advertisers are charged either on the number of impressions or the duration of the campaign as stipulated in the Insertion Order (IO).

As a leading cryptocurrency marketing agency, TokenMinds is committed to helping crypto projects achieve their business goals through crypto advertising. 

PPC Text Ads – We will help you create engaging headlines and description text as well as identify which ad extensions are right for each crypto advertising campaign.

PPC Display Ads - Using vivid imagery and optimized text, your crypto ads can take the form of banners, sidebar ads, animated GIFs, and many other formats to make your ads really stand out.

Retargeting - Retargeting helps your brand connect with new and returning visitors through repeated interactions with your messaging. TokenMinds can support your remarketing efforts, allowing you to reach out to your target audience via unobtrusive display ads, reminding them of your value proposition.

Cryptocurrency PR Agencies – TokenMinds PR consultants work with leading cryptocurrency PR agencies to help your content reach a broader audience of potential investors. This way, you can take advantage of third-party site traffic to expand your reach and visibility.

Social Media Ads Management – Our social media specialists can work across all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Telegram. They can help you to create and manage attractive social display ads that bring results.

Custom Reporting – We provide tailored reporting to help you visualize what’s driving growth so you can maximize results.

TokenMinds Crypto Marketing Strategy

Crypto campaigns are carried out on digital ad networks, which extend to millions of websites and apps. To find the right audience and spread brand awareness across the web, TokenMinds’ crypto marketing strategy helps determine the right platforms for your brand and how to leverage them for the greatest impact.

Our crypto advertising strategy encompasses five key elements:

· Keywords – Our crypto advertising agency will conduct keyword research for your brand so your ads are only displayed to your target audience.

· Campaign creation – our graphic designers know how to develop eye-catching cryptocurrency-focused ads while our experienced copywriters are adept at crafting compelling copy and CTAs optimized for Google, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

· Bid strategy – Every crypto adverting campaign is created using a bid strategy that delivers results. We analyze the progress of your crypto campaigns and make adjustments to get the most value from your budget.

· Landing pages - We create conversion landing pages to ensure your page works properly, is mobile-responsive, and is easy for visitors to interact with.

· Reporting and monitoring – Your dedicated crypto marketing strategist will review your metrics on an ongoing basis, then deliver monthly reports to you and your team. Based on those reports, we will suggest strategic adjustments to your crypto advertising strategy.

Promote your Crypto Offers Work with a Reputable Crypto Advertising Agency

Though crypto advertising offers immense opportunity, it’s not easy to launch and maintain a successful campaign. It’s time-consuming too. That’s why companies should partner with a cryptocurrency advertising agency that specializes in online crypto advertising like TokenMinds to achieve success. With over 6 years of blockchain advertising experience, TokenMinds has grown has quickly grown into a leading crypto marketing agency, with deep industry knowledge and experience.

We offer customized and effective crypto advertising services to blockchain companies that include paid search engine marketing (SEM), PPC, social media advertising, and many more.

“TokenMinds is that rare combination of a cryptocurrency marketing and crypto advertising agency. Since we launched our PPC campaigns with TokenMinds, our total site traffic has more than doubled and we have also seen a 400% increase in conversions using the paid media they created for our NFT sale.” – Roberto Moreno

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TokenMinds helped raise over $70 million through crypto marketing. Let's get yours started.

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