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Asset Tokenization Starting Packages

Wyoming tokenization pacakge

Singapore tokenization package

Seychelles tokenization package

$ 4,500

$ 5,000

$ 5,500

Tokenise your assets through a Seychelles incorporation

Tokenise your assets through a Wyoming incorporation

Tokenise your assets through a Singapore incorporation

Seychelles Company Incorporation

Wyoming Company Incorporation

Singapore Company Incorporation

Shares tokenization Deployment

Shares tokenization Deployment

Shares tokenization Deployment

Daily Support & Weekly Reporting

Daily Support & Weekly Reporting

Daily Support & Weekly Reporting

Smart Company Dashboard

Smart Company Dashboard

Smart Company Dashboard

* We have also availability on Panama and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines companies incorporation

Asset Tokenization Process





         Marketing and Token Sale

Create a strategic marketing campaign to ensure successful token sale. We connect you with accredited investors who are eager to purchase your tokens, 

Identify Security

First, identity the type of asset your company wish to tokenize. For example, real estate, equity or commodities.

Asses Regulations

Next, evaluate the legal requirements and required jurisdiction checks to determine which category of investors can participate.  

Create Token

Create your tokens via approved issuance platforms. Our asset tokenization platform provides a dedicated dashboard for managing verification & token rights such as shares.

Asset Tokenization for All Companies

Tokenization is simply issuing a blockchain token that digitally represents a tradeable asset. Security token offering (STO) involves selling these tokenized assets through a token sale in exchange for funding. By doing so, you give investors some rights to the underlying asset such as ownership, voting, etc. 

Why Lauch Security Token?


Security tokens are attractive to investors because they are highly liquid. Sell tokenized securities to a wider pool of accredited investors and reach your fundraising goals faster. 


With smart contracts, you can distribute security tokens to supporters in real-time and ensure automatic payment of dividends, saving massively in costs and time.


Launch and issue security tokens in a transparent way through coin governance systems that protect investors against scams and poor execution. 

Tokenized Asset Offering Services

We know firsthand the demands of launching Tokenized Assent Offering (TAO). We provide a very accessible asset tokenization platform and a robust STO strategy to ensure success.

Using our private network, as well as third-party opportunities, we reach out on your behalf and connect to potential investors and partners for your project.

From legal structure to marketing strategy and asset tokenization on the blockchain, we help you organize everything you need to successfully issue security tokens. 

Plus, we help you manage your security tokens securely and in compliance with tokenization regulations. 

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About Us

TokenMinds is a leading consulting, marketing and investment firm providing end-to-end asset tokenization services such as tokenization, blockchain development, ICO/STO/TAO marketing, and token sale services. We focus on helping entrepreneurs and founders create and issue fully-compliant security tokens so you can unlock the amazing opportunities of the token economy.

We have a vibrant team of experts in blockchain technology as well as a deep network of connections which we harness to help startups secure funding for their security tokens. Our longstanding presence within the cryptocurrency community and superior ICO/STO marketing approach are what sets us apart from our competitors. We've also helped companies fund new business ventures and growth avenues through tokenenized asset offerings. We will assist you with STO asset tokenization by introducing you to target investors and strategic partnerships to ensure successful token sale. 

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